Brynn and Matt at Alpine


Sarah, Tyler, and Honey

I had a shoot scheduled with Sara and Tyler but we ended up rescheduling because we both happened to go adopt puppies on the same day! We met up a few days later and I had so much fun with them and their puppy Honey! I brought my 12 week old puppy Aurora and she got to play with Honey while we got some fun shots of Sara and Tyler! However, Aurora decided to photobomb some of their little family portraits. I love making new friends that share a love for animals <3 Here’s to future puppy play dates!

Bree and Bennett Wedding

Here we go….. This was the wedding of my best friend!! I was blessed enough to be the maid of honor while also her photographer. I had an amazing second shooter that helped me out all day and covered the ceremony and most of the reception. All of these photos were taken and edited by me.

Bree and Bennett met one night when Bree was dragged along to a friends house for a quick visit where she then met Bennett. Right off the bat they had a mutual interest in each other and Bree knew from the beginning she was going to marry Bennett. After that first night of meeting they were inseparable. Bennett was friends with my husband Chris in high school and ever since. Bree and I became friends through dating Chris and Bennett and I am so thankful for that. We spent countless times talking about how she wanted to be married now and many nights where Bree would shout “raise your hand if you think Bennett should marry me!” I could not picture a more perfect man to marry my best friend than Bennett.

Bree and Bennett had an absolutely perfect wedding! Bree was so stunning I cried… Bree and Bennett mean so much to me and I am so blessed to have them in my life.. They are the epitome of TRUE friends. Capturing her wedding day and standing by her side is something I will forever be grateful for. All the bridesmaids stayed in a beautiful cabin the night before the wedding where we all got ready the morning of the wedding. We had rain on and off all day but anytime we needed to be outside God stopped the rain with perfect timing. Bree and Bennett had a beautiful and emotional first look. After their first look they shared a private moment together reading letters they wrote to each other. They had a perfect ceremony and super fun reception! Congratulations Bree and Bennett! I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!

Liz and Alex Engagement

I don't know why, but editing this engagement shoot made me kind of emotional... probably because I was listening to sad music but also because I had so much fun with these two and going through these pictures and looking at how happy they are and thinking about the story behind each picture makes me kind of emotional. I'm weird. I love my job and I love making memories with couples and capturing this exciting time in their lives, but most of all I love making new friends in the process! When I say I'm obsessed with a couple I post about it's because I mean it lol they all mean so much to me✨ps. Can it be July yet because I'm so excited for their wedding!!

Spontaneous Beach Proposal

This shoot is very special to me. I was on the beach with a fellow photographer friend of mine who was doing an anniversary shoot when I stumbled upon a proposal set up. There was a guy standing there watching over the spot so I asked if the proposal had happened yet and if they wanted a photograper to capture it. The guy said it was for his friend and the proposal hadn't happened yet and that they didnt want a photographer. So, I stuck around until the couple showed up and I saw him set up his phone on a tripod to record him proposing. After seeing that I knew they wouldnt object the having a photographer, but I waited until he was done just in case and then I approached them and asked if they wanted to do a mini engagement shoot for them. They were beyond excited so we did a little 15-minute engagement session on the beach and these two were on cloud 9 the whole time! They were so adorable, happy, and in love! I am so glad I stumbled upon this proposal and was able to make it even more special and memorable for them <3 Congratulations you two and I wish you the happiest of marriage! <3