Spontaneous Beach Proposal

This shoot is very special to me. I was on the beach with a fellow photographer friend of mine who was doing an anniversary shoot when I stumbled upon a proposal set up. There was a guy standing there watching over the spot so I asked if the proposal had happened yet and if they wanted a photograper to capture it. The guy said it was for his friend and the proposal hadn't happened yet and that they didnt want a photographer. So, I stuck around until the couple showed up and I saw him set up his phone on a tripod to record him proposing. After seeing that I knew they wouldnt object the having a photographer, but I waited until he was done just in case and then I approached them and asked if they wanted to do a mini engagement shoot for them. They were beyond excited so we did a little 15-minute engagement session on the beach and these two were on cloud 9 the whole time! They were so adorable, happy, and in love! I am so glad I stumbled upon this proposal and was able to make it even more special and memorable for them <3 Congratulations you two and I wish you the happiest of marriage! <3