High School Sweethearts

Lisa and Cody are high school sweethearts that have been together for 10 years now! Theses two contacted me the day of the shoot asking if I was avaiable by chance for their anniversary shoot. Luckily I was avaiable and we made plans for a dreamy sunset shoot later that day!

Lisa and Cody actually went to the same High School as I did. My old High School had these categories such as "most attractive", "most intelligent", "Mr. and Miss. WHS", etc. that the student body would vote for their fellow seniors to win at the end of the year. Well this beautiful lady won most attractive and her hubby was Mr. WHS! Basically High School royalty ;) I was so happy to get to do a shoot for their one year anniversary of marriage. Lisa and Cody were so incredibly nice and joyful it was such a pleasure capturing their silly, raw, honest love. :)